citrus roasted salmon
Recipe first, my personal notes and shopping resources after.
{ click for CITRUS-ROASTED SALMON with HERBS recipe }

ginger miso broth soba noodles shiitake mushrooms
The most important part of this recipe is the Ginger Miso Broth, which you will make and sip and eat all the time in so many different ways. Because it’s January, because it’s the new year, because the weather is beyond ice cold (even here in LA, where it’s not literally freezing, but for us, it’s kinda freezing), the Ginger Miso Broth is the base for a health-supporting bowl of green tea soba noodles, grilled shiitake mushrooms, broccolini, and soft-boiled eggs. { click for GINGER MISO BROTH with SOBA and SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS recipe }

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Pomegranate Salsa for National Pomegranate Month
{ celebrate something every day of November…}

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